Hangzhou Hangyang Low Temperature Vessel Co., Ltd. Holds the First Welder Skills Competition

Release time:

2023-04-11 08:24

On July 24th, Hangzhou Oxygen Cryogenic Vessel Company hosted the first welder skills competition with the theme of "promoting the spirit of new era craftsmen and striving to become new era craftsmen", which was held in the cross factory building of the low-temperature vessel company. 15 contestants from the company's production line participated in the competition.

The welder skills competition is divided into two parts: theoretical examination and on-site practical operation. The on-site practical operation items are divided into three welding processes: manual shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), manual tungsten argon arc welding (GTAW) and consumable electrode semi-automatic welding (GMAW). In the early stages of the competition, the company also organized training and learning on welder skills and theoretical knowledge. In the competition, the contestants competed on the same stage, showcasing their respective skills, fully demonstrating the positive and enterprising spirit of Hangzhou Oxygen people.

The welder skill competition aims to further improve the professional literacy and skill level of electric welders, promote the "craftsman spirit" of Hang Yang in the new era, further create a good atmosphere of advocating skills, respecting skills, and learning skills, promote the continuous improvement of the company's overall welding level, and lay the foundation for cultivating welder skilled talents and promoting the construction of the welder skilled talent team.


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