The company's participation in the Hangzhou East West Natural Gas Emergency Gas Source Station Project won the 15th China Civil Engineering Highest Award - Zhan Tianyou Award

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2023-04-11 08:25

On June 3rd, the 15th China Civil Engineering Zhan Tianyou Award Technical Exchange Conference and Award Ceremony was held in Beijing. The natural gas emergency source station project in the eastern and western parts of Hangzhou, jointly constructed by Hangzhou Oxygen Cryogenic Vessel Company, won the Zhan Tianyou Award. Zhao Dawei, Vice General Manager of the joint-stock company and Chairman of the low-temperature vessel company, and Mao Rongda, General Manager of the low-temperature vessel company, attended the award ceremony.

The natural gas emergency source station project in the eastern and western parts of Hangzhou is an important energy infrastructure that ensures people's livelihood and promotes the transformation and upgrading of the energy industry. The project consists of emergency gas source stations for East West LNG, with a total LNG storage capacity of 14950m3, equivalent to approximately 9 million Nm3 of gaseous natural gas. The project started construction in November 2010 and was completed in July 2015, with a total investment of 490 million yuan.

The low-temperature container company has equipped key components, mainly including one 4500m3 atmospheric tank at the western LNG emergency gas source station, three 150m3 vacuum powder insulation tanks, and one 10000 m3 fully enclosed low-temperature atmospheric tank at the eastern LNG emergency gas source station.

This construction project is the first in China to apply LNG full capacity tank technology in urban peak shaving gas stations. The difficulty of technical breakthroughs, high requirements for process level, and strict engineering quality requirements are all very rare in the industry. Faced with difficulties, the low-temperature vessel company faced them and immediately established a project leadership group led by the company's main leaders. It also established a project technology research group, held multiple technical and production coordination meetings, actively cooperated with the work of various subcontractors, and organized the company's technical department to visit and learn from projects such as Shanghai Wuhao Gou, Shanghai Yangshan Port, and CNOOC Ningbo, accumulating a lot of project experience. During the debugging process, the company overcame numerous difficulties and was on duty 24/7, ensuring the successful completion of the debugging work.

In recent years, the company has seized the historical opportunity of gas development, vigorously laid out related supporting industries, actively expanded related businesses, and solidly promoted the upgrading of technology and product equipment, forming a business production pattern with several major sectors as the pillars. This participation in the emergency gas source station won the highest award in China Civil Engineering, which will effectively promote the optimization and upgrading of the company's new product business structure, greatly improve the company's business capabilities in the LNG field, and lay a solid foundation for continuing to expand the market in the LNG field in the future.

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