Hangzhou Hangyang Low Temperature Vessel Company has obtained a domestic strain strengthening type test certificate

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2023-04-11 08:24

Recently, Hangzhou Oxygen Low Temperature Vessel Company passed the acceptance of the National Boiler and Pressure Vessel Standardization Committee and obtained a domestic strain strengthening type test certificate. The certificate of acceptance passed this time is a further expansion and extension of domestic technology application by low-temperature vessel company on the basis of the existing global maximum volume strain strengthening container technology. It is also another important technological achievement of the company in the development direction of global maximum volume strain strengthening containers.

The project completed this time is another achievement of cooperation between low-temperature vessel company and Zhejiang University in the field of cryogenic vessels. During the project process, the low-temperature vessel company overcame the difficulties and high requirements of strain strengthening technology in China, and installed plasma automatic welding technology and equipment. It completed the 9% pre tensile welding process evaluation of various specifications of stainless steel plates, sample tank process validation tests, and the first product type test. The completion of this project marks a new stage for the low-temperature vessel company in promoting the comprehensive application of strain strengthening processes and technologies, playing a crucial role in the lightweight design of the company's vacuum insulated storage tanks in the future.

The successful acceptance of this project has enhanced the development capability of low-temperature vessel company in high-end large vacuum insulated storage tanks, increased the company's visibility in the industry market, and laid a solid foundation for further expanding the market of high-end large vacuum insulated storage tanks.

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