The successful acceptance of the production project of Hangzhou Hangyang Low Temperature Vessel Co., Ltd. with an annual production capacity of 14920 tons of large air separation equipment, ethylene cold box, and low temperature vessel

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2023-04-11 08:25

On March 22nd, in accordance with the Notice on Promoting the Construction of Energy Equipment Projects Invested in within the Central Budget issued by the Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission, in order to ensure that the projects achieve the overall construction goals and effectively leverage the support and promotion role of the central budget funds, The Development and Reform Bureau of Yuhang District organized experts to inspect and accept the project of "annual production capacity of 14920 tons of large air separation equipment, ethylene cold box, and low-temperature container" at Hangzhou Hangyang Low Temperature Container Co., Ltd.

The meeting listened to the acceptance application report from Mao Rongda, the general manager of Hangzhou Oxygen Cryogenic Vessel Company. Relevant department leaders and experts reviewed the relevant project materials in detail, inspected the factory buildings, docks, and equipment that were put into operation after the project was completed, and conducted inquiries and answers.

After careful discussion, the expert group believes that the relevant work of the project has been completed, the use of national special funds meets regulations, and all individual projects have passed acceptance. After production, the production capacity meets the requirements of project construction and improves the manufacturing capacity of Hangzhou Oxygen Heavy Equipment, effectively solving the transportation bottleneck of Lin'an Manufacturing Base, which has good economic and social benefits. Agree to pass the acceptance.

The total investment of this project is 190 million yuan, and construction began in December 2011. By November 2014, the acceptance of each individual project was completed. Since the trial production of the project in 2013, it has accumulated a sales revenue of 1.2 billion yuan and an upward tax of 190 million yuan.

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