Hangyang Won the Silver Awards of the “China Good Design” Award

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2023-04-11 08:42

On the morning of December 14, the “China Good Design” Award ceremony that was guided by Chinese Academy of Engineering and hosted by Innovation Design Alliance of China, was held at the Great Hall of the People. Hangyang, the manufacturer of high-end equipment and the one who successfully turned itself from traditional manufacturing enterprise into service-oriented manufacturing enterprise, won the silver awards.

“This award is a big affirmation to our transformation”, said by Zhao Dawei, the deputy general manager of Hangyang. Hangyang has set foot into production chain for industrial gases over the years, and has transformed from an equipment-manufacturing enterprise to the equipment manufacturing& gas supplying enterprise.

The air separation plant is the kernel for Hanyang to produce industrial gases, and the industrial gases such as oxygen, nitrogen and argon, which are figuratively called the “blood of manufacturing industry”, are necessities and of great importance to pillar industries such as metallurgical, chemical, petrochemical and aerospace industries. The transformation of Hangyang is to strengthen the research and development of air separation plants and at the same times manufacture and sell industrial gases.

At present, Hangyang has invested nearly RMB6.5 billion and established 26 gas companies in 13 provinces (including municipalities and autonomous regions) via new construction, merger and acquisition. Gas investment projects have involved steel, nonferrous metals, coal chemicals, chemicals and glass industries, etc, thus enabling many manufacturing enterprises unable to afford air separation plants to use domestically manufactured gases.

Affected by macro-control policy, many industries such as steel and chemical industries, which need a great deal of industrial gases, have to bear the pressure brought by the industrial pattern adjustment and the elimination of outdated industrial capacity. Under that circumstance, Hangyang semi-annual report showed that the sales of gases had remained stable and reached RMB1.47 billion, accounting to 60% of the revenue.

What enables Hangyang to be that brave to enter the gas industry? It results from its mastery of the core technology of the air separation equipment and its leading position in this industry. Hangyang has been continuously improving its capabilities in research, development and production, and the hourly production capacity of each air separation plant has been enhanced from 60,000 m3/h to 120,000 m3/h.

In the course of transformation, Hangyang actively adopted the “Internet+”.In a room on the 7th floor of Hongyuan Mansion, the headquarter of Hangyang, Miao Dongwei and his colleagues were staring at the computer screen to scrutinize the real-time information such as the operating status of air separation plants, product data, etc. This remote monitoring system, which is specially tailored for Hangyang, allowing engineers at headquarters to get the real-time status of each air separation plant anywhere anytime, and this system has been applied to air separation plants which are suited in 15 gas companies. Miao Dongwei told the reporter that whenever a certain data goes wrong, the system will give out alarms automatically, and then engineers will be able to give remote guidance; if it is a larger problem, then there will be experts making “remote consultation”.

According to the report, this remote monitoring system not only has decreased the management cost for each gas company controlled by Hangyang by about 5%, but also saved manpower and material resources by about 8%. Meanwhile, this system can resolve equipment failures in time, thus saving about 80% of time, reducing operating costs by about 5% and increasing working efficiency by about 50%. “Since this system can only make test and examinations at present, we are going to make it to be able to achieve remote control”, Miao Dongwei said.

At Lin’an Manufacturing Base of Hangyang, 30 kilometers away from Hongyuan Mansion, an intelligent digital workshop for plate-fin heat exchangers of large-scale air separation plants is under fast construction. Huang Anting, the principal, told the reporter that once the intelligent workshop is put into operation, the production and assembling of the components of plate-fin heat exchangers will be fully automated, so the workers only need to be responsible for the normal operation of the equipment.

Intelligent manufacturing workshops need to realize standardized production, and almost every air separation plant manufactured by Hangyang is “private customization”. “As every company has different requirements for air separation plant, many processes cannot achieve standardized production and can only rely on manpower, and it is also the case in foreign countries”, Zhao Dawei said.

Hangyang has been encouraging their employees to have the spirit of craftsmanship, and it has been ready to explore and conquer the summit of intelligent manufacturing workshops.

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