Hangyang Signed a Sales Contract about Large-scale Air Separation Plants with Jiangsu Haili Chemical Co., Ltd

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2023-04-10 18:31

On May 12, Hangyang signed a sales contract about the 72,000 m3/h air separation plant with Jiangsu Haili Chemical Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as Haili) at the headquarters of Shandong Bohui Group Co.,Ltd, a reporter from China Chemical Week reported.
  Zhou Zhiyong, chief engineer of Hangyang, told the reporter that this was another significant sales contract for Hangyang since it obtained orders of 70,000 m3/h air separation plant from Anhui Wuyuan Chemical Co., Ltd and four sets of 83,000 m3/h air separation plants from SINOPEC Zhejiang Branch in the international bidding.
  In May of this year, Hangyang successfully completed the test for the 10x104 m3/h grade air separation plant supplied to the 400-ton/year indirect coal-to-liquids demonstration project of Shenhua Ningxia Coal Group. The cooperation with Haili not only indicates that the 70,000 grade air separation plant independently developed by Hangyang will be re-applied to the domestic coal chemical industry, but also further shows that Hangyang's large-scale air separation plants have been widely recognized by users.
  According to the report, the 72,000 m3 / h air separation plant is the key equipment for Haili's caprolactam project whose annual output will be 200,000 tons. The contract mainly includes supply scope, engineering design, engineering materials and equipment installation, and it is another EPC project undertaken by Hangyang.
  Zhou Zhiyong also told the reporter that with the rapid development of domestic chemical industry, coal chemical industry and oil refining industry in recent years, it has become more and more indispensable for these industries to use large-scale air separation plants. Thereupon, Hangyang has been devoted itself to doing research on large-scale air separation technology and innovating in multiple technical fields, leading the development of China's air separation plants, and at the same time enabling the domestically produced large-scale air separation plants to achieve safety, reliability, advanced technology and excellent performance and so on, all of which vividly illustrating the reason why Hangyang is able to prevail against its competitors many times in the international bidding.
  Currently, Hangyang has undertaken 48 sets of air separation plants of 60,000m³/h and above, of which17 sets of air separation plants are from 70,000m³/h to 120,000m³/h grade. Among these air separation plants, 25 sets of them have been successfully put into operation.

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