12.8MP High-pressure Plate-fin Heat Exchangers Finished HydroTest and Broke Foreign Monopoly

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2023-04-10 18:28

According to a report from China Chemical Week, two high-pressure plate-fin heat exchangers with a design pressure of 12.8MPa which were developed by Hangyang, has finished the hydro test with a final water pressure of 16.7MPa, indicating that our domestic research and development abilities in high-pressure plate-fin heat exchangers have gained historic breakthroughs. That also shows that we have broken technological monopoly of foreign companies in high-pressure plate-fin heat exchangers with 10MPa and above.

Compared with heat exchangers made by traditional high-pressure and low-pressure, high-pressure aluminum plate-fin heat exchangers developed by Hangyang can reduce the arrangement of distributors and connection of pipes, featuring on high efficiency, energy conservation, reduction of product resistance, diminishing of product size and decreasing of equipment weight, which enables products to upgrade. Besides, its technology has reached the international advanced level.

With the maximization and energy-saving trend in the development of air separation plants, high-pressure aluminum plate-fin heat exchangers have been widely used, while the full set of air separation in China has always been relying on imports, since high pressure aluminum plate-fin heat exchangers for large-scale air separation plants can only be manufactured in the United States and France.

In order to accelerate the localization process of key equipment for air separation plants, break the technological monopoly and market monopoly of foreign enterprises, fill the domestic gaps and improve the development level in plate-fin heat exchangers, Hangyang proposed that the mastery of technologies for designing and manufacturing high-pressure aluminum plate-fin heat exchangers with 8~10MPa should be listed as enterprise development strategy in early 2013, and a research team for high pressure plate-fin heat exchangers was soon set up. The chief engineer of Hangyang was appointed as the team leader. At the same time, Hangyang not only increased its investment and devotion of manpower, strengthened its scientific research power and accelerated its technical reform, but also made overall arrangements and made the most of effective resources. Moreover, Hangyang tried its best to control and guarantee the process and quality, and took the advantage of its research institutions and gas companies to make studies on basics and mechanism, tackling key problems and making breakthroughs in technology. Furthermore, on the basis of high-speed punching, Hangyang developed punching fin die independently, and successfully got high-density and high-pressure fins and wavy fins with low resistance and high efficiency. Hangyang also conducted blasting test on the high-pressure pins. All of that has contributed to laying a solid foundation for the localization of high-pressure aluminum plate-fin heat exchangers.

In 2014, the first home-made high-pressure aluminum plate-fin heat exchanger whose highest design pressure was 8.1MPa, passed the pressure test, after that, it was successfully applied to air separation plants of Shenhua Ningxia Coal Group. In order to further promote the localization of key machines for large-scale air separation plants, Hangyang has launched researches on high-pressure plate-fin heat exchangers with 10MPa and above.

In the course of R&D over two years, the technology team of Hangyang has conducted a large number of scientific experiments, and has also effectively carried out international cooperations, promoting the integration of Industry-University-Research cooperation in a variety of approaches. In addition, Hangyang has made the full use of conclusions and results of failure analysis from its partner-- Dortmund University of Technology, thus achieving series of innovation and breakthroughs in material control technology, molding technology, cleaning process, assembly process, vacuum-brazing process, R&D technology for high-pressure fins and wavy fins with low resistance and high efficiency, etc. What’s more, Hangyang has also obtained a number of invention patents.

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