A Core Technology Won the Second Prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Awards

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2023-04-10 18:32

On the morning of December 14, under the guidance of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the award ceremony of "Good Design in China" was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Hangzhou Oxygen, a high-end equipment manufacturing enterprise in our province, won a silver medal for its transformation from selling cows to selling milk as a service-oriented manufacturing enterprise.

This award is a huge affirmation of the transformation of Hangzhou Oxygen Manufacturing Services! "Said Zhao Dawei, Deputy General Manager of Hangzhou Oxygen Co., Ltd. Over the years, Hangzhou Oxygen has entered the entire industrial gas industry chain and achieved the transformation from a simple equipment manufacturing enterprise to an equipment manufacturing and industrial gas service oriented enterprise.

"Cow" refers to the core business of Hang Yang - air separation equipment for producing industrial gases; Milk "refers to industrial gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, and argon that are essential for pillar industries such as metallurgy, chemical engineering, petrochemicals, and aerospace in China. It is known as the" blood of manufacturing "due to its importance. The transformation of Hang Yang is to "lead cows to sell milk" - while strengthening the research and production of air separation equipment, it also provides industrial gas production and sales services.

At present, Hang Yang has invested nearly 6.5 billion yuan to establish 26 gas companies in 13 provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions) across the country through new construction, acquisition, or merger; Gas investment projects involve multiple fields such as steel, non-ferrous metals, coal chemical industry, chemical industry, glass, etc., making many Chinese manufacturing enterprises without the ability to buy equipment on their own drink "domestic milk".

Under the influence of national macroeconomic regulation, domestic industrial gases such as steel and chemical industry are facing pressure from industrial restructuring and the elimination of outdated production capacity. Against this backdrop, Hang Yang's 2016 semi annual report showed that gas sales amounted to 1.47 billion yuan, which remained stable and accounted for over 60% of total revenue.

Entering the industrial gas industry, Hang Yang's bottom gas comes from its leading position in core technology in the field of air separation equipment. Hangyang continuously improves its technological research and development and production manufacturing capabilities, with the hourly production capacity of its air separation equipment ranging from 60000 to 80000 levels, and later to 100000 to 120000 levels.

In the process of transformation from manufacturing industry to manufacturing service industry, Hang Yang actively embraced "Internet plus".

In a room on the 7th floor of Hangzhou Hongyuan Building Hangzhou Oxygen Headquarters, employee Miao Dongwei and colleagues are staring at the computer screen to carefully check; On the LED screen directly in front of him, real-time information such as the operating status of the air separation equipment and product data is displayed. This remote monitoring system for air separation equipment is customized for Hang Yang, allowing engineers at Hang Yang headquarters to understand the production status of air separation equipment in various companies anytime and anywhere. At present, this system has been applied to the air separation equipment of 15 gas companies put into operation by Hang Yang. Miao Dongwei told reporters that once a certain data exceeds the normal range value, the system will automatically issue an alarm, and headquarters engineers can provide remote guidance; If it is a major issue, it can also achieve expert "remote consultation".

It is reported that this remote monitoring system has reduced the management costs of Hangyang headquarters for gas companies by about 5%, and saved manpower and material resources by about 8%; Timely resolution of equipment failures, saving around 80% of time and around 5% of operating costs; Improve work efficiency by about 50%. At present, this system can only achieve the detection step; in the future, we will be able to remotely control it, "said Miao Dongwei.

At the Hangzhou Oxygen Lin'an Manufacturing Base, 30 kilometers away from the Hongyuan Building, a digital intelligent manufacturing workshop called "Large Air Separation Equipment Plate Fin Heat Exchanger" is accelerating construction. The person in charge, Huang Anting, told reporters that after the intelligent workshop is launched, the production and assembly of various components of the plate fin heat exchanger will be fully automated, and workers only need to be responsible for the normal operation of the equipment.

Intelligent manufacturing workshops need to be able to carry out standardized production; And almost every air separation equipment manufactured by Hang Yang is "privately customized". Each enterprise has different requirements for air separation equipment, and many processes cannot be standardized and are still completed manually, which is also the case in foreign countries. Zhao Dawei said that while encouraging workers to have the spirit of craftsmanship, Hangzhou Oxygen is also actively exploring and striving to climb the peak of "intelligent manufacturing" of air separation equipment.

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